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Read? when should they start??

As parents, a frequent question is, "Is my child behind?" "Is my child ahead?" "Am I pushing too much academically for my child?"

These questions are important, frequently asked, and are difficult to answer. In searching the US Department of Education, some milestone guidelines have been published.

To assist in internalizing the information, here is a summary:

Children Ages 0 - 3:

  • Imitate some of the sounds and rhythms adults use when they speak

  • Begin to associate frequent words with their meaning

  • Recognize some books by their covers

  • Pretend to read books and handle them correctly

  • Produce some scribbles that resemble writing

Children Ages 3 -4:

  • Attempt to read and write

  • Recognize common signs and labels

  • Enjoy listening to stories

  • Be able to write some letters

Children Age 5:

  • Retell simple stories

  • Use descriptive language

  • Connect letters to sounds

  • Begin to write common words and phrases

US Department of Education - Language Accomplishments

At Kaizen Academy, our Director and educators take these milestones in mind when creating lessons and programs, so we can have every child reach their potential.

Happy Reading!!

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