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About Our School

Welcome to Kaizen Academy for Little Scholars

Where children will be exposed to a wide range of activities including but not limited to arts and crafts, socialization, group activities, and general education.  Little Scholars Daycare is a licensed child development center and preschool located in Arlington, Texas. We promote personalized learning by using a combination of teacher led lessons and child led centers with certified teachers. We encourage both staff and students alike to grow, learn and create each passing day. Kaizen Academy will care for children ages 18 months and up, with a capacity of 32 children maximum.  Feel free to browse our website and schedule a tour today!!



Now Enrolling

18 Months - 7 years


 Call us at (682-222-7662) or click on the schedule a tour tab to book a tour!

We are located on the corner of Matlock and East Harris Road.


Real-Time Parent Connections

We are making childcare more enjoyable for everyone including parents! Brightwheel allows staff to send parents real time pictures, videos, activities, and frequent communication through our mobile app.


Playing with Toys

Daily Schedule

When developing daily schedules Little Scholars Daycare keeps the following in mind:

  • Children’s activities should be matched appropriately to their age and ability level

  • Learning should be both child directed and teacher directed

  • Children should have plenty of outdoor and active playtime at various times throughout the day

Here is a general schedule for preschool:


Arrival and Breakfast

Children participate in (quiet) activities such as looking at books, or (quiet) centers, and eat breakfast until most children have arrived and finished eating.


Circle Time

Children gather around the carpet for a teacher led activity including daily routines, music and creative movement activities.


Artistic Activity

Children participate in a variety of artistic expressions including; drawing, painting, music, dance, and theater, to encourage fine and gross motor, sensory, and dramatic play skills.


Lesson Plan

Children participate in Teacher lead instructions with structured activity.


Outdoor Play

Children participate in both structured and unstructured outdoor play.


Prep for  Lunch

Restrooms and washing hands and children participate in setting the table for lunch



Children eat lunch family style.


Story Time

Children listen to a story read by the teacher


Rest Time or Quiet Activities

Children may rest or participate in quiet centers.


PM Snack

Children partake in a healthy mid day snack.


Outdoor Play

Children participate in both structured and unstructured outdoor play.


Arts and Crafts Music and Rythms

Children participate in a range of activities that include coloring, dramatic play, singing and dancing.


Learning Centers

Children choose from a variety of centers including, literacy, math, writing, sensory play, dramatic play, fine and gross motor, and science

*Schedule subject to changes but curriculum will remain

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Potty Training Assistance Available


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